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Six members of United Blood Nation sentenced in slaying of South Carolina couple

January 11, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Six members of United Blood Nation sentenced in slaying of South Carolina couple

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On Monday, 6 of 12  members of the United Blood Nation gang linked to the murders of a couple in South Carolina, in a hit that was ordered from prison, were given lengthy prison sentences.

Douglas and Deborah London were fatally shot as they opened their door in Lake Wylie in October 2014.

The murders were committed to prevent 63-year-old Douglas London from testifying against three United Blood Nation members who robbed the couple’s store in the Charlotte-area in May of that year, The New York Daily News reported.

Rahkeem McDonald, David Fudge, Ibn Kornegay, Nehemijel Houston, Daquan Everett and Centrilla Leach were all hit with sentences that spanned from 13 years to life behind bars.

Douglas and Deborah London were fatally shot in October of 2014. (HANDOUT)

McDonald was given life by U.S. District Judge Max Cogburn, Jr. after he pleaded guilty to federal charges of murder and conspiracy.

Judge Cogburn sentenced Jamell Cureton and Malcolm Hartley to life in prison in connection to the double-slaying. Four other gang members are still awaiting sentencing.

It was Hartley who murdered the Londons at their residence. Hartley was promoted within the gang ranks after he carried out the execution.

Top row: Jamell Cureton, Nana Adoma, David Fudge, Malcolm Hartley, Briana Johnson, Rahkeem McDonald. Bottom row: Randall Hankins II, Nehemijel Houston, Daquan Everett, Ahkeem McDonald, Centrilia Leach, Ibn Kornegay.

Cureton, Fudge, and Nana Adoma robbed The Mattress Warehouse on May 25, 2014. Cureton “explained” in a letter from behind bars that he ordered the slayings because Douglas London because he was going to testify against him.

He described 61-year-old Deborah London as “collateral damage,” according to a news release published by the Department of Justice.

Cureton and other members “discussed that Douglas London was the only witness who could identify Cureton and needed to be eliminated,” the Department of Justice stated.

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