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GRAPHIC: Father of Jailed Zetas leader executed as brutal cartel turf war continues in Mexican border state

January 13, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
GRAPHIC: Father of Jailed Zetas leader executed as brutal cartel turf war continues in Mexican border state

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Two rival cartels, which at one time comprised the Los Zetas Cartel, persist with their violent battle for control of the southern part of the border state of Tamaulipas.

One of the victims most recently slain by the continuing fighting is a lawyer who is the father of a now-incarcerated Los Zetas boss. The imprisoned leader was previously the leader of activities in Ciudad Mante.

Rival cartel members executed Eduardo Puga Tovar, a criminal defense lawyer, along with three others who are believed to have members of the Los Zetas.

The murdered attorney is the father of regional Zeta leader Enrique Puga Cortez known as “Comandante Varo.”

Pictured: The body of the attorney who was the father of an imprisoned Zetas boss was  discovered this week in Tamaulipas

The slaying of the father of a former Los Zetas boss exemplifies the escalation of violence in the area.

Mexican officials recovered Puga’s remains and the bodies of three other men after they received a tip about four people who were killed in a car accident, Breitbart Texas reported.

When police arrived, they learned that the victims had not been in a crash but were shot to death. The bodies were discovered inside a disheveled residence along the highway that joins Ciudad Mante and Llera.

Eduardo Puga Tovar was the father of jailed Zetas leader Enrique Puga Cortéz (above)

Rival group members shot the men multiple times in their bodies and their heads. In addition to Puga, authorities identified only one of the other victims. Police identified him as Juan Maldonado Robollozo.

It is alleged that the three men were cartel lookouts who kept an eye on police on behalf of the drug cartel.

The gunmen are allegedly linked to the Cartel Del Noreste (CDN), a group who was formally part of the Los Zetas. The CDN has since broken off and joined a fierce war for territorial control with their former allies, known as Vieja Escuela Zeta.

Mexican authorities also discovered the bullet-riddled bodies of three other victims at the scene

In December, the CDN entered Ciudad Mante in an attempt to fight for control of the plaza. Since then, the area has seen an increase in murders and kidnappings.

Although Comandante Varo, remains behind bars, he has been singled out by federal officials since 2010 as being responsible for abducting and incinerating his victims and his rivals.

During that time, Comandante Varo worked with Pedro Oddiel “El Dandy” Villegas Coronado, another leader who was arrested on June 21, 2015. Both have been tied to the cartel killing fields in Ciudad Mante and Xicotencatl.

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