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Jacksonville woman shocked to see her house in viral drug bust video

January 13, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Jacksonville woman shocked to see her house in viral drug bust video

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A video of a Jacksonville woman was shocked to see the home she owns in a viral drug bust video.

The viral drug bust video released by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook.

“If you want to commit crimes, you’ve got options: You can stop what you’re doing, you can leave Clay County, or you will be on the receiving end of this,” Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels said in the video.

Five adults and one minor were taken into custody as a result of the bust.

Clay County officers said they seized a heroin-fentanyl mixture and marijuana from the residence.

In an interview with Action News Jax, Kaitlyn Endres said that she moved out of the residence six months ago but still owns the home along with her ex-husband, William.

“What the heck is going on?” Kaitlyn Endres said upon seeing her home.

William Endres, Joseph Hand, Aviron Lippus, Haley Thompson and Devontae Gibson were the five adults charged in the case.

Sheriff’s office spokesperson Christopher Padgett said additional suspects could be charged in the future.

Kaitlyn Endres said she was not pleased that her 3-year-old son’s baby photos were on the wall behind the sheriff in the footage, as he drank his coffee.

Hours after the bust, several people who were handcuffed on the curb returned to get their things.

Action News Jax asked them why the sheriff’s office had been dispatched out to the residence 26 times in the past six months.

“It’s not like that.” a man who identified himself as Matt Bland said. “It’s not like that no more.”

“Because of the people that used to be here,” a woman who identified herself as Victoria Bowers added.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office posted a tweet that said that armored vehicles were necessary because they have received reports of shots fired at the home in the past.

Deputies said they recovered heroin and fentanyl, although the arrest reports only mention marijuana.

“Marijuana is not a drug,” Bowers stated.

Kaitlyn Endres revealed that she will not be telling their son about the arrest.

“The only way I can [explain] is, Daddy’s busy. Daddy’s not available. That’s the best way I can do it. He’s too young to understand what’s going on,” she said.

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