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DEA: Albanian drug gang kept selling fentanyl, even after ring member overdosed

January 19, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
DEA: Albanian drug gang kept selling fentanyl, even after ring member overdosed

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DEA agents and the NYPD busted an Albanian drug gang operating a heroin/fentanyl enterprise on Staten Island, New York on Wednesday, arresting the ring’s purported leader, Medin Kosic, along with seven other suspects. Three are still on the lam.

The indictment charged the members of the Albanian drug gang with distributing heroin laced with the deadly opioid, fentanyl, across Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New Jersey. The crew reportedly even started peddling drugs in Manhattan.

Some suspects reportedly operated “stash houses” in Brooklyn, where the heroin was kept and packaged before distribution.

According to a Justice Department press release, the Kosic organization, also known as DTO, and one of its own members, Shaun Sullivan, had survived an overdose in October, thanks to assistance from the antidote naloxone. Naloxone, which is also known as Narcan, revives the respiratory system when it’s close to shutting down.

The indictment indicated that even though Sullivan had almost died, “members of the DTO continued to distribute heroin laced with fentanyl.”

The criminal complaint revealed that Sullivan had once explained what fentanyl looks like, when processed: “Fentanyl comes out clear, like champagne.”

A skinny, blonde-haired woman, Jennifer Bogdanovic is being charged with being one of the dealers.

According to SI.com, heroin/fentanyl glassines stamped with the name, “Pray for Death,” were discovered in some of the suspects’ residences.

Authorities are seeking to force the suspects to forfeit any property they may have purchased with drug proceeds.

If found guilty, they all face anywhere from 10 years to life behind bars.

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