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Cartel violence blamed after Mexican authorities uncover clandestine mass graves with 33 corpses in Nayarit

January 20, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Cartel violence blamed after Mexican authorities uncover clandestine mass graves with 33 corpses in Nayarit

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Police K9s in Mexico City led investigators to the horrific discovery of three clandestine mass graves with at least 33 bodies in a sugarcane field in the Mexican state of Nayarit.

Some of the bodies may have been decapitated before being they were thrown into the pits. Officials allege that they were likely involved in the drug trade.

The gruesome discovery in the township of Xalisco comes in the midst of a conflict between drug cartels in Nayarit after the March arrest of the former state attorney general, Edgar Veytia, on drug smuggling charges in the U.S.

Xalisco has largely been the center of a black-tar heroin trafficking enterprise that smuggled drugs into the U.S., according to Proceso.

State Attorney General Petronilo Diaz said local groups have been involved in power struggles since Veytia’s apprehension. The victims discovered in the clandestine mass graves are believed to have been involved in those conflicts.

Mexican authorities uncovered the bodies of 33 people in the Mexican state\e of Nayarit

“The assumption is that these were people who were involved with one of the criminal groups, but I can’t say which one,” Diaz said, noting that the graves “are the operational method of organized crime.”

“This breakdown among the gangs we see now in Nayarit comes as a result of the arrest … of an official (Veytia) from the previous administration,” Diaz added. “That is when these groups start fighting, and that’s when this mess started.”

Corrupt Mexican officials have sometimes favored one drug gang over the others or have divided drug territories.

The burial pits were recovered when some relatives searching for missing loved ones discovered the bodies on Saturday after they were tipped off by residents. The first grave included nine bodies and was located next to a stream in a sugar cane field. Dogs then led searchers to two other nearby pits.

The remains were so badly decomposed that authorities could not ascertain their gender and identities. It is estimated that the remains were in the graves for six months.

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