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Authorities intercept 1,600 pounds of cocaine hidden in pineapples

January 20, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Authorities intercept 1,600 pounds of cocaine hidden in pineapples

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Authorities in Portugal and Spain collaborated to intercept hundreds of kilos of cocaine that were stuffed inside a shipment of fresh pineapples.

Nine gang members were taken into custody and were charged with importing the cocaine from South America, Spain’s Interior Ministry announced.

The drugs were confiscated from shipping containers after an ongoing investigation that was launched last April.

Investigators discovered 745 kilos (1,642 pounds) of cocaine and also busted a laboratory where the drugs were being cut with additives. The drugs were covered in pineapple-yellow wax and were concealed inside hollowed-out shells of the fruit.

Spanish and Portuguese police arrested nine gang members after seizing cocaine was being smuggled inside pineapples. (NATIONAL POLICE)

Two brothers headed the group, who had two labs in Pinto and Nuevo Baztan near the capital of Spain. The cocaine was stored in Barcelona before being transported to Madrid every 15-20 days.

Police records indicated that two hydraulic presses, three packaging machines, and more than 400,000 Euros were among the items seized in the busts.

This is not the first time that pineapple has been used to smuggle drugs.

Back in 2014, a shipment of 2.5 tons of drug filled pineapples were confiscated in Spain on a vessel traveling from Costa Rica.

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