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Florida contractor accused of heading drug trafficking ring in Tallahassee

January 26, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Florida contractor accused of heading drug trafficking ring in Tallahassee

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A contractor in Tallahassee, Florida is accused of running a drug trafficking ring as a side job and has now found himself in trouble with the federal government.

Prosecutors accuse the contractor identified as Barney Crutchfield of leading a drug trafficking ring in North Florida.

Crutchfield, appeared in court where he was charged with trafficking large quantities of cocaine and meth in Tallahassee.

A federal magistrate ordered Crutchfield remanded on no bail.

“I pray this is all a mistake,” Mike Grace stated.

Grace’s job is located nearby, and he saw the black SUV’s and patrol vehicles arriving on Wednesday.

“They’re wonderful neighbors to have,” Grace added. “I don’t know what they did.”

Crutchfield and his co-conspirators James Case and Adam King are all facing charges of trafficking cocaine from South Florida and meth from Georgia.

Their arrests occurred after months of wiretaps, surveillance, and a series of search warrants that were issued this week.

“Anytime you’re charged with a conspiracy the penalties are very high,” Crutchfield’s lawyer Richard Smith stated. “You’re looking at a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years out of the box.”

DEA agents allege that Crutchfield had 500 grams of cocaine – which is estimated to be worth 75-thousand dollars – delivered to his home.

Court records indicated that in one instance, Crutchfield put cocaine in his mailbox for pick up, in another, he’s left drugs in his motorcycle saddle bag.

Court documents also accuse Crutchfield of shuttling over 30 guns to another residence when he grew concerned that the authorities were on to him.

Case and King acted as couriers who helped Crutchfield acquire and sell the drugs.

Arrest documents point to at least one other man who was also part of the conspiracy, but court records have not shown any additional arrests.

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