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Oklahoma mom charged with first-degree murder after son 8, identifies her as father’s killer

January 27, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Oklahoma mom charged with first-degree murder after son 8, identifies her as father’s killer

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An Oklahoma woman faces first-degree murder charges after she was identified by her 8-year-old son as the person responsible for his father’s death.

Amber McMurtrey, 34, was taken into custody and was charged with first-degree murder. The woman originally told investigators that her husband, Neil Vaughn, was stabbed outside of their residence.

When police arrived on the scene, Vaughn was discovered in the driveway with a stab wound.

The victim was rushed to a local hospital where he died, according to The Oklahoman.

Police said McMurtrey had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol when they arrived. They also said they detected the odor of marijuana from the residence.

Cops asked McMurtrey to search inside of the house after they noticed what seemed to be blood in the living room, but she declined.

Amber McMurtrey, 34, was arrested and remanded into custody at the Oklahoma County Jail.  (Oklahoma County Jail)

She was taken into custody and her son was placed in the custody of a caseworker.

After detectives were granted a warrant, they found a blood track from the bedroom to the driveway. Cops also discovered drug paraphernalia inside the home.

Detectives said witnesses informed them Vaughn was running before he fell in the driveway. They also told authorities that they had seen McMurtrey attack her husband “multiple times while intoxicated.”

When investigators questioned the son, he originally said he saw a masked person stab his father before leaving. However, after his grandmother said “not to tell stories” he told police that his mother stabbed his father and “hid the knife above the toilet.”

Authorities searched the residence again and located the knife where the boy said it was.

McMurtrey is in custody in the Oklahoma County Jail.

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