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Missing woman’s dismembered body found boiled on stove in southern Mexico: cops

January 27, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Missing woman’s dismembered body found boiled on stove in southern Mexico: cops

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The dismembered body of Magdalena Aguilar Romero who disappeared from a town in southern Mexico was found inside of pots on top of a stove in her ex-husband’s residence.

Aguilar Romero, 25, was last seen leaving her house in Taxco on January 13th, after saying she was going to get her children from her ex-husband’s residence.

State security spokesperson Roberto Alvarez indicated that the woman’s remains were discovered Monday in the home of her ex-husband, who the local press identified as Cesar Gomez Arciniega.

“It is presumed she was cooked,” he stated.

Magdalena Aguilar Romero dismembered body was found cooked on kitchen stove

Authorities indicated that Romero’s legs and arms were discovered inside a pot on the stove, while her already cooked pelvis was recovered in a bag near the stove.

The rest of the remains were recovered from a nearby refrigerator.

Investigators revealed that they have launched a probe against Arciniega for “femicide,” or the murder of a woman when the motive is directly related to gender.

It is not clear if he has been apprehended.

In a statement, Taxco’s government said it “condemns the cowardly murder of Magdalena Aguilar, which irreparably hurts society.”

“[It] reiterates the work to be done to protect and rebuild the fabric of our municipality,” the statement added. “From the time of her disappearance, we have offered all the support to the family of Magdalena Aguilar Romero, with whom we have always shown solidarity and our unconditional support.”

The statement continued: “We demand those responsible be punished to the full weight of the law and that this does not go unpunished.”

According to a report published in December by the Mexican government and the UN Women agency, slayings of women in Mexico have drastically increased over the last ten years after two decades of decline.

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