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Police whistleblower: NYPD official planned to frame cop for rape to cover up scandal

January 27, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Police whistleblower: NYPD official planned to frame cop for rape to cover up scandal

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A New York City Police sergeant made shocking accusations that the NYPD covered up damaging allegations in an embarrassing 2015 karaoke bar bribery scandal, which included a plot to frame a commanding official for rape.

In a notice that indicates that he intends to sue the city for $35 million, whistleblower Sergeant Steven Lee claims that police brass concealed the massive extent of corruption occurring within a Queens nightclub.

Just two officers were arrested in the bust, including NYPD Lieutenant Robert Sung and Detective Yatyu Yam. Both are accused of accepting payments in exchange for a warning to Flushing, Queens karaoke club owners about police raids. They were suspended but eventually reinstated to the force.

However, Lee, who was working undercover in the Internal Affairs probe, indicated that the corruption was much more in-depth and involved roughly 100 officers, the New York Post reported.

At the center of his notice of claim, a precursor to a suit, is Jimmy Li, the owner of two clubs in Flushing — JJNY Cafe and CEO KTV & Cafe.

Lee was placed on the internal probe after Sung reported informed him that he intended to frame Thomas Conforti, the commanding officer of the 109th Precinct, as a favor to the owner of the club.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and Jimmy Li

Sung plotted to falsely accuse him of raping an escort in one of the karaoke bars— to guard the bribe racket against scrutiny.

In an interview with The New York Post, Lee recalled driving Sung to a pizzeria when the fellow officer told him about the scheme to get an escort to claim that the commanding officer of the precinct had raped her.

Lee told his superiors but no action was taken.

Just after Sung and Yam were taken into custody, Li — who reportedly paid officers tens of thousands in bribes to protect his clubs — came to then-Commissioner Bill Bratton’s holiday party.

When Lee provided NYPD higher-ups with evidence of crimes by many cops, including a chief, investigators, sergeants, and lieutenants, he was warned to limit the extent of his probe.

Lee revealed that video and audio footage of the additional corruption mysteriously “malfunctioned” after he provided it to his superiors.

Lee questioned the integrity of the probe, but Bratton subjected him to an internal investigation and prohibited him from promotions.

“The police claim they can clean up after themselves, but they can’t,” said Lee’s lawyer, Eric Sanders. “The watchers are corrupt. The whole investigation process is a joke.”

Marvyn Kornberg, Robert Sung;s attorney, replied to the notice of claim, stating: “He is suing the city for 35 million dollars because IAB didn’t believe his allegations. Apparently, the District Attorney felt the same way since the charges against Sung were dropped to the lowest of misdemeanors.”

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