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Neo-Nazi group tied to 5 slayings across the US

January 31, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Neo-Nazi group tied to 5 slayings across the US Devon Arthurs, Brandon Russell, Samuel Woodward AP/Getty Images

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A Charles Manson-influenced neo-Nazi group has been linked to five murders in the U.S. in under a year.

Former and current members of the brutal hate group Atomwaffen Division are alleged to be behind the murders that took place in Florida, California, and Virginia, according to the Washington Post.

The most recent incident was the slaying of gay, Jewish college student Blaze Bernstein in California. Berstein was reportedly murdered by Samuel Woodward, 20, who has been linked to the violent hate group.

According to the Washington Post, He purportedly stabbed Bernstein 20 times before he dumped the Ivy League student’s body in a shallow grave on January 2nd.

Atomwaffen — which is the German translation for “atomic weapon” — is obsessed with Manson’s efforts to spark a race war. The group routinely conducts wilderness excursions and military-style trainings called “hate camps” to further its “aim of overthrowing the government through terrorism and guerrilla warfare,” the Anti-Defamation League reported.

The group was established on the internet in 2015, and its factions have spawned in Colorado, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, Massachusetts, Washington, and Wisconsin.

The ADL believes there may be as few as 80 members across the country. But at least six have been tied to violent crimes and terror schemes since May.

Devon Arthurs is accused of murdering his roommates, Jeremy Himmelman and Andrew Oneschuk, in Tampa. Authorities later indicated that “all of them had friends with a common neo-Nazi belief.”

Officers found that a fourth roommate who was not home at the time, Brandon Russell, was collecting guns and homemade bombs that he intended to use to attack power facilities and synagogues.

Devon Arthurs, Brandon Russell, Samuel Woodward AP/Getty Images

Russell and Arthurs are considered the co-founders of Atomwaffen, and Himmelman and Oneschuk were also a part of the group.

Arthurs told police that he converted to Islam before “blasting” his roommates’ heads as revenge for crimes against Muslims and to stop Russell’s planned terror attack.

Russell, a 21-year-old member of the Florida National Guard, was sentenced to five years behind bars for stockpiling the bombs.

A sixth Atomwaffen members, Nicholas Giampa, was taken into custody for killing his girlfriend’s parents in December after they begged their daughter to cut ties with him over his obsession with fascism.

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