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Florida prison inmate admits to killing his second cellmate

February 5, 2018  |  Posted by: Michael Falzarano
Florida prison inmate admits to killing his second cellmate

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MARIANA, Fla.– A prison inmate in Florida is accused of murdering his cellmate last month while awaiting trial for killing another cellmate.

According to the News-Herald, Florida Prison officials placed 21-year-old Frederick Patterson III in solitary confinement after he confessed to killing 82-year-old inmate Arthur Williams on Jan. 15th.

Ten days earlier, a judge had found Williams, who allegedly tried to lure a 9-year-old boy into his car, mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Williams was in custody at the Jackson County Correctional Facility awaiting for transfer to a mental facility.

Patterson, who was initially convicted of burglary, told investigators: “there’s one less child molester on the streets.”

Last Thursday, Patterson was handed a life sentence for the 2015 killing of 45-year-old convicted robber Scott Collinsworth, in the Apalachee Correctional Institution.

Authorities say Patterson now faces first-degree murder charges.

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