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One of two catholic priests gunned down in southern Mexico posed for photo with cartel gunmen before deadly attack

February 10, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
One of two catholic priests gunned down in southern Mexico posed for photo with cartel gunmen before deadly attack

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Two Catholic priests from Guerrero, Mexico were executed by a group of alleged cartel gunmen while returning to their parish. One other priest was struck in the altercation.

Fathers Germain Muñiz Garcia, Ivan Añorme Jaime, and German N. were driving in a pickup truck as they were returning from a Catholic feast known as El Día de La Candelaria.

Just before the incident, the Catholic priests were driving on the road that joins Taxco with Iguala, which is located roughly 140 miles north of Acapulco, La Opinion reported.

For reasons that are not clear, a group of cartel gunmen opened fire on the priests. Two of the victims died, while German N was rushed to the hospital.

Father Ivan Añorme Jaime Catholic Archdiocese

However, state prosecutor Javier Olea Peláez said father Germain Muñiz Garcia posed for a photo at the celebration holding a large caliber firearm with armed members of multiple criminal groups operating in the states of Guerrero, State of Mexico and Morelos.

Peláez said there was no security at the event since it was not requested by the organizers and believes the photo, which has circulated on social media, could have provoked the deadly attack.

The Archdioceses of Acapulco condemned the shooting and demanded action from police–in a state where most offenses go unpunished.

“We ask the authorities, once the truth is known, to act in justice,” the Catholic Church said in a statement.

Guerrero is considered to be one of the most dangerous states in Mexico where multiple drug cartels are engaged in a violent turf war for control of drug production and trafficking areas. The violence had spread to unparalleled levels recently–such as when a killer ripped out a victim’s heart while still alive.

In December, a municipal employee from California was murdered while visiting the tourist city of Ixtapa in Guerrero.

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