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Sheriff: Bodies found in Texas pit were shot in head

February 12, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Sheriff: Bodies found in Texas pit were shot in head

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Officials have confirmed that two bodies recently discovered in a Texas pit had been shot in the head execution-style.

The two victims are believed to be linked to the disappearance of two teenagers back in 2015.

The confirmation that the victims had been fatally shot and then left in the pit puts forth a series of new questions.

The cause of deaths for the unidentified remains was indicated in a preliminary autopsy report.

The information insinuated that the two victims were shot in the base of the skull.

As a result, the Midland County’s Sheriff’s Office classified the case as a homicide.

The bodies were found last month in a pit that had been covered in dirt and trash, resulting in the re-opening of a 2015 missing person’s case, San Angelo Live reported.

Texas authorities search for the remains at the location of the pit

While investigators have not revealed the identity of the victims, the information that led to the discovery came from a tip.

“This will tie to a case we had in 2015,” Sheriff Painter said. “We had two teenagers missing … We had their family get in touch and notify us … We found an individual who had their property, but we could not find the teenagers … We pray this case will tie to that.”

Midland Texas is home to an increasing economy associated with the vast oilfields in the area. The city is also located next to Interstate 20, which is a route used by truckers and also drug trafficking organizations.

According to a 2014 report published by Breitbart Texas’ Brandon Darby, cities that have experienced an oil boom have also seen a rise in the presence of drug cartels and street violence.

“We have an oil boom, so what happens when you have that kind of boom? You have girls, sex trade, and meth- who moves in? Cartels move in, just like they have in other regions of the country,” Darby added. “That is an oncoming problem that I don’t think anyone is reporting on.”

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