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Texas residents on edge as Serial dog-killer remains on the loose

February 28, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Texas residents on edge as Serial dog-killer remains on the loose

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A purported serial dog-killer is on the lam in a community in Conroe, Texas. The owners of eight pets in the Deer Trail area in Montgomery County revealed that their dogs have been fatally shot.

“It’s devastating, the fact that knowing we live in a world where somebody would shoot somebody’s pet somebody’s lab, somebody’s family,” Cass Coroiescu said to Houston’s Fox 26 News. Beau was his friend and hunting dog.

“We saw some buzzards 300 yards from our house on the pipeline, so we walked back in there, and that’s where we found her,” the devastated dog owner added. “I didn’t want to believe it. The closer I got, I could see her pink collar on her, the bright pink collar and name tag, and we lost it.”

The crazed serial dog-killer shot and killed his 13-year-old brown Labrador with a .22 caliber gun, according to KHOU CBS11.

Coroiescu has offered a $5,000 reward for information leading authorities Beau’s killer. “Money is money. It’s nothing compared to stopping who did this,” he continued.

Press outlets in Houston have reported that at least eight dogs have been killed. The local CBS affiliate added that Coroiescu’s Labrador was the latest dog to be murdered in the Deer Trail area.

A neighbor who lives next to where Beau was discovered said, “Yeah, we have to keep an eye on him. He’s the last one we have. It’s still hard to talk about Molly because Molly was a special dog.”

The neighbor who wants to remain anonymous said the suspect had alreeady killed two of her schnauzers.

“This is not a game. If you shoot something, it doesn’t come back,” Coroiescu said. “Whoever did this is a sick human, and can’t be mentally stable… who knows what he’ll do next.”

According to Breitbart Texas, both child abuse and elder abuse and neglect have been shown to be correlated with animal cruelty. Former prosecutor and associate judge Lana Shadwick added that a guidebook for Criminal Justice professionals titled, “The Link between Violence to Animals and People” indicated that there is a link between violence perpetrated against animals and violent acts carried out people.

The 71-page report says that domestic violence programs now ask about pets and provide shelter for at-risk families and their pets. Moreover, child protective services, adult protective services, and animal control employees are comparing their observations when carrying out home visits. They “know where animals are at risk, people are at risk and vice versa,” the treatise added.

In 2016, Baylor University suspended a football player after a graphic video was made showing him beating and kicking a dog. Breitbart A fellow player had recorded the assault and put it up on social media.

Breitbart Texas also noted that Devin Patrick Kelly, the killer who shot 26 people in a small town church, had a history of animal cruelty. Prosecutors in El Paso County, Colorado, charged him with animal cruelty after he beat a puppy only three years before his horrific shooting rampage.

Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz also reportedly had a history of violence against animals and elder abuse.

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