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Ohio state trooper accused of helping drug Traffickers

March 1, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Ohio state trooper accused of helping drug Traffickers

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Federal authorities say an Ohio state trooper allegedly assisted drug traffickers in his field of patrol by providing information and even ballistic body armor.

Ohio Federal prosecutors charged 43-year-old Trooper Jason Delcol, with using his position as an officer to pass on information, intervene in criminal cases, establish an alibi, and even provide ballistic armor.

Investigators reportedly recovered communications between the trooper and three of his conspirators Carlos Carvalho, Wiliam Covrett, and Stevedor Crawford, where they talked about trafficking dangerous opioids and other drugs, NBC4 reported.

The investigation resulted in the arrest of Delcol, along with five other residents in the state.

Prosecutors say that the Ohio state trooper worked as a middleman between his three conspirators and two others.

The defendants have been charged with possession with intent to distribute controlled substances, along with a variety of charges of conspiracy. Delcol is also facing charges of witness tampering while his two associates face charges of money laundering.

Highway Patrol officials, responding to the news Delcol’s arrest, said that the man had previously been “terminated for violations of Division directives.” A review board nullified the termination through an arbitration process. He has since been fired after a period where the trooper was put on unpaid leave.

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