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Texas police accidentally prevent MS-13 gang members’ execution plan by minutes

March 2, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Texas police accidentally prevent MS-13 gang members’ execution plan by minutes

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Members of the MS-13 who were on their way to carry out the murder of another member had their plan inadvertently foiled when Texas authorities pulled their vehicle over — saving the would-be victim’s life by a mere two minutes.

Last week, 17-year-old Bryan Funes and 23-year-old Jorge Alexander Cortez, 23, were taken into custody in Austin on charges of criminal conspiracy after officers unintentionally thwarted a plot to murder another MS-13 member — who was in the vehicle when police pulled the men over. Melquisedec Steven Lemus-Monje, 19, was also arrested on charges of conspiracy and a weapons violation.

Funes and Cortez, both of whom are immigrants from El Salvador, were conspiring to drive their intended victim from Austin to Houston to murder him, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The man was wanted dead by the ultra-violent gang for to a variety of reasons, including drug debts. It’s not clear if the would-be victim, who was not named, is currently an active member of MS-13.

A documented member of MS-13 shows a gang tattoo (U.S. Marshals Service Photo)

Houston authorities said they received information about the plot when they intercepted calls made by the MS-13 gang members. The men called MS-13 gang leaders in El Salvador and Virginia, who gave them the green light to carry out the killing.

Lemus-Monje at one point referred to a “nine” with “candies” — alleged to be a 9 mm pistol — that would have been used in the slaying.

Lemus-Monje, Funes, and another MS-13 member and the intended victim were in a car in Austin on February 11th when a Texas Public Safety trooper stopped them due to expired vehicle registration. Lemus-Monje was caught with the pistol.

Cortez was found in a separate vehicle.

Funes contacted another individual a short time after the plan was foiled and said officers pulled them over “approximately two minutes before they would have killed” the victim.

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