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Wiretaps from DEA investigation leads to arrests of three suspects accuseed of ordering drug-related homicide in Kentucky

March 4, 2018  |  Posted by: Michael Falzarano
Wiretaps from DEA investigation leads to arrests of three suspects accuseed of ordering drug-related homicide in Kentucky

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Wiretaps stemming from an undercover federal narcotics investigation in Kentucky resulted in the arrests of three Louisville men, who stand accused of orchestrating a drug-related homicide in retaliation for an alleged drug deal gone awry.

Agents with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said in a federal affidavit that a surveillance operation which included wiretapped phone conversations led to the arrests of three suspects, who are alleged to have plotted a $30,000 murder-for-hire plot resulting in the Jan. 20th killing of 24-year-old Vicente Rodriguez Ramirez.

DEA agents initiated the wiretaps last December as part of a probe into 27-year-old Javier Rodriguez, who federal investigators say headed a local drug trafficking network that distributed cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and marijuana.

According to court records, Rodriguez negotiated pricing and organized shipments of narcotics with suppliers based in Mexico and the United States.

The Courier-Journal reported that during a January 16th intercept, investigators overheard a conversation of a potential drug transaction between Rodriguez, Ramirez, and an unidentified third-party buyer.

Four days later Ramirez was found shot to death inside of a pickup truck in Newburg, Kentucky.

Vicente Rodriguez Ramirez, 24,  (above) was executed on Jan. 20th.

DEA officials believe the suspects ordered the hit over the theft of a kilogram of China-white heroin worth $70,000.

Federal agents learned of the drug deal gone wrong and the plot for revenge from the phone intercepts.

During another recorded conversation on Jan. 19, the day before the drug-related homicide, agents overheard Rodriguez and another co-conspirator identified in court filings as Dwain Castle, 44. discussing the plot to kill Ramirez.

Investigators say in the affidavit that days after the purported hit, DEA agents recorded Rodriguez and Castle admitting to making a $30,000 payment to a purported hitman identified as Charles Cater, to kill Ramirez and the third-party buyer.

The affidavit notes that investigators used cell phone data to place all three suspects near the location of the fatal shooting.

In addition, federal undercover agents initiated controlled drug buys in January, purchasing crystal meth from Rodriguez and fentanyl from Castle, the Courier-Journal reports.

DEA officials said both suspects were seen by investigators leaving Castle’s home where the transactions took place.

Rodriguez, Castle, and Cater appeared in U.S. District Court for a criminal complaint charging them with murder, conspiracy to distribute heroin and meth and use of a firearm in the commission of a drug trafficking crime.

Prosecutors said all three co-conspirators would remain in federal custody while the case goes before a grand jury.

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