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Mexican authorities clash with convoy of cartel gunmen near Texas border

March 4, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican authorities clash with convoy of cartel gunmen near Texas border

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After a few days of apparent peace, a string of shootouts, which erupted in the Mexican border state of Tamaulipas resulted in the slaying of a Gulf cartel gunman and the apprehension of three other suspects.

The shootout started when Tamaulipas state officers patrolling the border area near the city of Miguel Aleman known as the Frontera Chica or “Little Border” encountered a convoy of gunmen.

Police attempted to stop the gunmen who attempted to flee, igniting in a series of chases and rolling shootouts through the streets..

Gulf Cartel gunmen created blockades around the area to hinder the arrival of authorities and military elements, El Manana reported.

Mexican authorities arrested three purported cartel gunmen following a shootout in Miguel Aleman

In the neighboring areas of Dias Ordaz, Camargo, and Valadeces, cartel operatives tossed hundreds of road spikes to prevent military convoys from moving toward Miguel Alemán.

A truck crashed into the wall of a residence; inside the pickup was the body of a lifeless hitman who reportedly died after exchanging gunfire with officers.

State police managed to detain three other gunmen during the confrontation.

The violence occurred after several days of what seemed to be peace across the border region which has experienced an ongoing violence tied to an internal power struggle within the Gulf Cartel.

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