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Austin, Texas man killed after mysterious ‘device’ explodes on front porch

March 5, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Austin, Texas man killed after mysterious ‘device’ explodes on front porch

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Austin resident Monica Sledge was playing with her two-year-old child on Friday morning when she heard a loud noise, something that sounded more than just a blown transformer.

“It was a really loud, deep boom and it shook the windows and I just freaked out, picked up my son and went the opposite direction,” Sledge told Fox7 Austin.

After hearring the explosion, Sledge and others in the area contacted 911 around 7 a.m. Friday.

“The callers were reporting an explosion and reported that there was a victim that appeared to have traumatic injuries as well,” Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said.

Emergency personnel in Austin Travis County said that they rushed a man in his 40’s to a Round Rock hospital. Manley indicated that the victim succumbed to his injuries shortly after.

The blast took place on the front porch of a home.

“What you’re seeing is a very detailed investigation into that incident. What we know right now is some device exploded at this residence this morning,” Manley added.

The FBI and ATF along with local officers in Austin are looking into the incident. Dogs were used to clear the area ensuring the neighborhood was safe and that no evidence was left out from the blast zone.

“I thought it could be a drug-related thing but I didn’t want to go there,” Sledge stated. The FBI confirmed to FOX 7 that the incident was not related drugs.

“I know you will ask whether this is terrorism-related. Again there’s no information that we have right now to believe this is anything other than an isolated incident but we’re working to understand why it had occurred,” Manley continued.

A U.S. postal inspector was also noticed at the crime scene.

Many residents in the neighborhood asked if the device was delivered?

“We reach out to all of our providers that deliver mail to this area, both the Postal Service and those that do it privately because one of the things we want to know is if there was a package delivered to this residence in the past several days?” Manley stated.

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