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New Mexico attempts to blame “prescription medical meth” for failed drug test

March 7, 2018  |  Posted by: Michael Falzarano
New Mexico attempts to blame “prescription medical meth” for failed drug test

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A New Mexico woman tried to blame a failed drug test on a prescription for “medical meth” in an attempt to deceive her probation officer

According to a criminal complaint cited by the Albuquerque Journal, Ginger Sharpe was arrested for a probation violation after failing a drug test last month.

The complaint states Sharpe attempted to mislead the probation officer by claiming her physician had legally prescribed her the methamphetamine.

Additionally, Sharpe allegedly placed a fraudulent label reading “methamphetamine 5 mg tablets” on a prescription bottle to add validity to her false claim.

medical meth

Ginger Sharpe, 34 (MDC)

However, the probation officer didn’t buy the woman’s attempt to pass off the drugs as “medical meth,” after noticing the label appearing to be bogus — without a lustrous surface and “slightly obscure” lettering.

When the probation officer contacted the woman’s doctor to verify her claims, he responded: “I have never prescribed methamphetamine.”

The complaint says that Sharpe eventually admitted to her attempted deception, telling the officer: “a friend was convinced she would get away with it.”

Sharp pleaded guilty last year to forgery charges and was sentenced to probation.

Consequently, Sharp now faces additional charges of identity theft and forgery charges stemming from this latest offense.

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