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South Texas cop charged with smuggling boyfriend past immigration checkpoint

March 9, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
South Texas cop charged with smuggling boyfriend past immigration checkpoint

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A police officer from the border city of Brownsville, Texas is expected to be released on bond after she was arrested on charges of federal human smuggling after she allegedly tried to smuggle her boyfriend across an immigration checkpoint.

Brownsville Officer Valerie Rivas has been in custody since she was arrested on February 26th near the Padre Island National Seashore.

Court records acquired by Valley Central indicated that Rivas reportedly organized for Alfredo Salazar Hernandez, her boyfriend of 12 years, to be smuggled on February 24th.

Salazar is an undocumented migrant from Tabasco, Mexico.

Earlier this week federal magistrate judge ordered Rivas’ bond to be set at $20,000.

Rivas (center) pouring after being sworn in during a January 2017 ceremony

Rivas was reportedly working during the smuggling efforts. When Salazar neglected to check in and did not come to the expected destination, she called the human smuggling group and discovered that the individuals who were picking them up had been apprehended.

Rivas drove to the beach in an area that is north of the U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint in Sarita and started to look for her boyfriend. Federal officials reportedly caught her and another illegal as they were patrolling along the dunes.

Rivas’ boyfriend was one of seven illegals that were to be smuggled across the border to Victoria. However, the group got separated. Salazar was detained by officials on February 26th, hours before Rivas was taken into custody.

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