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Trump advisor Jared Kushner met with top cartel-linked Mexican official: Report

March 10, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Trump advisor Jared Kushner met with top cartel-linked Mexican official: Report

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Senior White House Advisor Jared Kushner convened with Mexico’s top narco cartel-connected official on his recent trip to the country. The cartel-linked official in question had his campaign partly financed by cartel front businesses. Additionally, his campaign was managed by a political party headed by a former Los Zetas cartel-linked governor, which led to controversy when the individual removed a picture from his social media where he was seen on a boat with a purported narco-cartel front man.

The cartel associated official and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto met with Jared Kushner as part of a series of talks aimed at mending relations between the two countries, at a time when tensions have increased over international trade, Mexico’s horrific security conditions, and the proposed wall between the two nations.

The tensions have also intensified over the ongoing negotiations regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement.

While most U.S. press outlets have worked to represent Peña Nieto in a positive light due to his refusal to fund the wall, those same outlets continue to disregard the Mexican politician’s mounting failures along with the raging narco-corruption among the country’s officials.

A series of investigations by independent reporters in Mexico found that during his 2012 presidential bid, Enrique Peña Nieto had an inrush of cash pumped into his campaign by businessmen who have been identified as being members of the Juarez Cartel, Breitbart Texas reported.

The money was transferred through phantom companies and eventually used to buy cash cards that were handed out in exchange for votes. The scandal gained the name Monexgate. However, despite the seriousness of such revelations, the case was soon forgotten.

The groundwork for Peña Nieto’s presidential campaign was largely laid down by former Coahuila State Governor Humberto Moreira who led the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). Moreira has been implicated in U.S. federal cases as having been a surrogate for Los Zetas during his tenure as governor of the state of Coahuila. Various U.S. court records obtained by Breitbart Texas indicated that during Moreira’s term, the Los Zetas had limitless power and protection in Coahuila.

Peña Nieto’s links to cartels also made headlines in 2017 when he removed an Instagram photo that showed him riding a boat with famed narco-musician Julion Alvarez.

While the picture had been taken in the past during a visit to Chiapas, Peña Nieto deleted the image just after the U.S. Department of Treasury identified Alvarez as a front man for a cartel that worked out of the Mexican State of Jalisco and froze his assets.

Regardless of the evidence revealing Mexico’s president’s ties to cartels–the very transnational criminal groups behind up to 125,000 deaths in his country, U.S. media outlets proceed to ignore or turn a blind eye to the corruption.

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