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Mexican government offers 500 thousand pesos for capture Zetas boss in Veracruz, rival drug cartel offering a million

March 16, 2018  |  Posted by: Michael Falzarano
Mexican government offers 500 thousand pesos for capture Zetas boss in Veracruz, rival drug cartel offering a million

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An alleged regional drug boss is the subject of competing rewards issued by both the Mexican government and a rival drug cartel in the Gulf State of Veracruz.

Last weekend, Mexican government officials, along with Veracruz governor Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares, announced a reward for information leading to the arrest of Sergio Enrique Calderón Quintanilla, alias “El Cursi.”

Quintanilla is the purported regional leader of the Los Zetas faction known as the “Old School Zetas” in Veracruz.

During a meeting with the Veracruz Coordination Group over the weekend, Yunes Linares announced a 500 thousand ($26,000 US) reward for the capo following the capture of several members of an alleged Zetas cell who operate under the command of Calderón Quintanilla.

According to local reports, the suspects arrested were identified as Brayan “N”, Ismael “N”, Jhonatan Luis “N “, Christian “N”, and Ismael “N.”

Mexican officials last week announced a 500,000 pesos reward for “El Cursi” an . alleged boss of the Zetas in Veracruz

The five men were arrested on Saturday in the municipality of Minatitlán.

“The Veracruz Coordination Group has agreed today to offer up to 500 thousand pesos of reward to anyone who offers data that allows us to stop it,” said Yunes Linares.

However, the governor’s reward was soon upstaged by the ruthless Jalisco New Generation Drug Cartel.

On Wednesday, authorities discovered the decapitated remains of a male victim inside of a burning vehicle in the same city.

Officials said next to the remains was a narco message signed by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel or (CJNG), which offered a million pesos reward ($53,000) to anyone providing information on the whereabouts of Calderón Quintanilla and two of his alleged assassins known by the aliases “El Concha” and “El Pinto.”

A narco-message left at a gruesome scene offered a million pesos reward for information leading to the arrest of the Zetas leader

The remains of the victim were transferred to the Medical Forensic Service headquarters in Cosoleacaque for identification.

The CJNG also vowed to take control of the region and “annihilate the Zetas, kidnappers, assailants and, extortionists.”

The region south of Veracruz, which includes the municipalities of Acayucan, Minatitlán, Cosoleacaque, Coatzacoalcos, Sayula de Alemán, Las Choapas, among others, had long been considered a stronghold of Los Zetas.

However, drug-related violence recently intensified following the capture of several high-ranking leaders of the Zetas.

Veracruz has been overrun by organized crime with several syndicates currently fighting for control of the state predominated by the CJNG, and two armed wings of the Sinaloa Catel – The New People and Los Antrax, along with several Los Zetas cells, the Gulf Cartel, and the CJNG.

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