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Buffalo Bills rookie receiver Zay Jones arrested after nude penthouse meltdown

March 21, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Buffalo Bills rookie receiver Zay Jones arrested after nude penthouse meltdown

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Buffalo Bills rookie wide receiver was arrested Monday night in Los Angeles following a nude meltdown in an apartment building.

The first year wide receiver first tried to fight his brother, Vikings receiver Cayleb Jones, in the hall, according to video acquired by TMZ.

As Cayleb, who was in a sweatshirt and shorts, attempted to subdue his bother, the 22-year-old Zay Jones charged his older sibling and fought with him before he dashed past him.

“I’m going to fight for Jesus,” 22-year-old Zay Jones shouted repeatedly.

A woman, who has been identified as Cayleb’s girlfriend, was heard letting out blood-curdling shrieks after Zay ran toward her apartment. The two were trying to block Zay from jumping out the window of the high-rise building.

The jockeying didn’t last, as Zay found his way onto a public balcony and kicked his foot through a window, breaking the glass. The police discovered his blood smeared on the floor and walls when they arrived, where they reportedly arrested Jones for felony vandalism.

The Bills confirmed Jones’ arrest in a statement on Tuesday.

“We are aware of the incident involving Zay Jones,” the statement said. “We are in the process of gathering information on the matter. At this point, we have no further comment.”

Jones, who signed a four-year, $6.7 million contract last May after he was drafted in the second round, had a mediocre debut season, catching 27 passes for 316 yards and two touchdowns in limited snaps.

The East Carolina man comes from a successful football family. His father, Robert, was a linebacker and three-time Super Bowl champion over nine seasons in the NFL and his uncle, quarterback Jeff Blake, played one Pro Bowl season during his NFL career. Jones’ younger brother, Levi, is a linebacker at USC.

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