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Shocking court documents reveal father of Pulse nightclub gunman Omar Mateen was an FBI cooperating informant

March 26, 2018  |  Posted by: Michael Falzarano
Shocking court documents reveal father of Pulse nightclub gunman Omar Mateen was an FBI cooperating informant

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Shocking court documents reveal father of Pulse nightclub gunman Omar Mateen was an FBI cooperating informant

Defense lawyers for the wife of Pulse Night Club shooter Omar Mateen are calling for a mistrial after prosecutors disclosed that the father of the terror suspect was a confidential FBI informant for more than a decade.

The shocking revelation surfaced Sunday after attorneys for 31-year-old Noor Salman, the wife of Omar Mateen, filed court documents calling for an immediate mistrial in her terrorism trial, WKMG reports.

Salman is accused of helping her husband plan the June 2016 mass-atrocity at the Pulse gay club in Orlando, which claimed the lives of 49 people including Omar Mateen and wounding 68 others.

Defense attorneys said the information that Mateen’s father, Siddique Mateen, was a cooperating informant for the FBI was disclosed on Saturday and argue that the defense should have been revealed sooner.

“Seddique Mateen was an FBI confidential human source at various points between January 2005 and June 2016,” attorneys wrote in a letter to the court document filed Sunday.

Additionally, lawyers revealed that an anonymous tip received in November 2012, indicating the elder Mateen had raised up to $100,000 in donations to contribute toward a terror attack on the Pakistan government, had prompted an FBI investigation.

Moreover, the investigation is centering on alleged money transfers he made from Turkey and Afghanistan.

“As a result of the discovery of these receipts, an FBI investigation into Seddique Mateen was opened,” the letter reportedly said.

“S. Mateen has not been informed by the FBI about the investigation,” the defense lawyers added in the court filings.

As a result, defense attorneys claim the decision not to give Noor Salman a polygraph was motivated by “the FBI’s desire to implicate Noor Salman, rather than Seddique Mateen in order to avoid scrutiny of its own ineptitude with the latter.”

Noor Salman and Omar Mateen. Salman is accused of obstructing justice and aiding and abetting Mateen’s allegiance to ISIS.

“Mateen’s father played a significant role in the FBI’s decision not to seek an indictment from the Justice Department for false statements to the FBI or obstruction of justice against Omar Mateen during its 2013 investigation into his alleged threats,” court documents stated.
The motion was filed just hours before Salman’s lawyers had been set to present their case and days after the prosecution had rested.

Salman’s attorneys argue that the revelations have a significant impact on their client’s ongoing trial and asked the judge to declare a mistrial.

Although Seddique Mateen was on the government’s witness list, he was never called to testify during the trial. However, his wife, Shahla Mateen, did take the stand.

Prosecutors haven’t said why it took so long for the government to provide information that the shooter’s father was an FBI informant to the defense.

The shocking development is now raising further questions about what possible warning signs law enforcement may have missed in the days and months leading up to the massacre.

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