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Las Vegas police charge five MS-13 in TEN murders over the last year

March 28, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Las Vegas police charge five MS-13 in TEN murders over the last year

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Las Vegas police arrest five MS-13 allegedly responsible for TEN murders over the last year

Authorities in Las Vegas announced that five suspects had been detained in connection with ten murders carried out by the ultra-violent MS-13 gang.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo revealed on Monday that the five suspects are in federal custody for the murders that have occurred over the span of a year.

Lombardo noted that all of the victims either were shot or stabbed multiple times.

According to authorities, six of the ten victims were abducted before being executed on the outskirts of town.

The suspects were arrested on Jones Boulevard on March 7th as they were on their way to murder another victim, homicide Captain Robert Plummer revealed.

Richard Gaudio, left, and Izzak Towery, right

“The suspects involved are extremely violent,” Lombardo stated.
They kill victims over as little as identifying with another gang or participating in street level narcotic sales.”

The victims have been identified as Daniel Clark, Richard Gaudio, Carlos Pachaca-Rodriguez, Arquimidez Sandoval-Martinez, Juan Carlos Estrada Raya, Jose Hernandez, Ricardo Olivas, Izzak Towery, Earl Ryan and Rony Fuentes.

The murders were carried out between March 2017 and March 2018, Las Vegas Now reported.

At least two of those killed, Pachaca-Rodriguez and Sandoval-Martinez, were implicated in the MS-13 gang. Several of the victims had ties to other Mexican gangs.

Two of the victims were involved with MS-13 (Pictured, victims Juan Carlos Estrada Raya, (left, and Ricardo Olivas, right)

Lombardo did not indicate the names of the suspects, but he did note that three are from El Salvador and one is from Honduras. Of the five, one is a minor that is 17-years-old.

“Our investigation has recovered 18 firearms, which include an AR-15, semi-automatic pistols, and shotguns,” Captain Plummer stated. ‘Eight of those were stolen in Metro’s jurisdiction; one in Henderson.”

According to the Daily Mail, the suspects, who are reported to be illegally in the U.S., have been charged with kidnapping, assault with intent to commit murder, first-degree murder, using a firearm resulting in death, and crimes taking place on federal land.

Daniel Clark (Pictured above)

The El Salvadorian criminal group MS-13 is believed to have a presence in 46 states.

MS-13 is the first and only criminal gang in the United States to be categorized as “transnational” by the FBI and works based on the motto of “Kill, Rape, Control,” according to former Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz.

The group originated almost 20 years ago in Los Angeles after millions of immigrants from El Salvador sought refuge in the U.S. after a violent civil war left over 100,000 dead.

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