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Texas Deputy and drug-sniffing K-9 Lobos recover $21K in drug-laced cash during traffic stop

March 30, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Texas Deputy and drug-sniffing K-9 Lobos recover $21K in drug-laced cash during traffic stop

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A Texas sheriff’s deputy and his drug-sniffing K-9 Lobos recovered $21,000 in drug-laced money during a routine traffic stop that took place between Houston and San Antonio. The driver, a Mexican immigrant, reportedly concealed the cash in a plastic bag with a comforter.

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Randy Thumann pulled over a Chevy Sonic with Mexican plates on Interstate 10 near Flatonia, Texas. Thumann noticed many “criminal indicators” of drug trafficking during his chat with the man who presented a Mexican driver license, according to Lieutenant David Beyer.

Thuman asked to search the vehicle. The driver allowed, and Thuman found a bag containing a comforter. Inside, Thumann discovered the bundles of cash.

The deputy dispatched his drug-sniffing K-9 Lobos, who examined the cash and signaled to drug contaminates on the money.

Sergeant Thumann arrested Karim Tare Martinez-Hernandez, a Mexican citizen from Monterrey.

According to Breitbart Texas, Lieutenant Beyer said that jail staff informed U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials about the arrest but their jail did not receive an immigration detainer before the suspect posted $10,000 bond.

Beyer added that Martinez-Hernandez reportedly told Thumann that he received the comforter with the cash from a person in San Antonio. He maintained that he had no idea that the money was in the comforter.

He later alleged that he was driving to “an unknown location in Houston” and that he was “traveling to Houston to purchase barber equipment.”

The sheriff’s office confiscated the car and the drugs after Lobos signaled to the presence of illegal drugs on the money.

In February, Thumann and Lobos worked to seize $6 million in meth hidden in the fuel tank of a 2007 Chevy Tahoe.

After Sergeant Thumann pulled the vehicle over, he noticed several criminal signals when talking to the driver and the passenger. The Fayette County deputy asked if he could search the car and the occupants provided their consent. During the initial search, K-9 Lobos signaled to the presence of narcotics.

The deputy and his canine investigated further and discovered a false compartment inside the gas tank, where roughly $6,000,000 (street value) of liquid meth was found.

Thumann arrested the two Mexican natives–Miguel Angel Lozano, 35, Alvarez and Alma Rosario Nieto Villarreal, 24.

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