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Drug cartel gunmen target police patrols in Mexican border state during holy week

April 2, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Drug cartel gunmen target police patrols in Mexican border state during holy week

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State authorities in the border region of Tamaulipas were targeted for assaults as teams of drug cartel hitmen attempted to scare them away from their posts during the Easter holiday holy week.

The attacks against authorities and military personnel have resulted in various injuries sustained by both members of law enforcement and innocent civilians.

Tamaulipas government dispatched a large contingent of state officers during the holy week to enhance security along the highways and border cities in anticipation of the surge of tourists.

Instead, police officers became the targets for cartel gunmen, as a result, the increased presence of security forces.

One of the most recent attacks occurred near Reynosa when a group of cartel gunmen drove up to a hotel where Tamaulipas state officers were staying and opened fire indiscriminately at the building, according to Breitbart Texas.

The hotel is located on the highway that joins Reynosa with Rio Bravo.

Drug cartel operatives killed an innocent female bystander and wounded a state officer. The woman survived the first attack but succumbed to her injuries soon after she was taken to a local hospital. It is not clear if other victims were injured.

Shortly before, cartel members conducted a similar attack on state officers on the same highway, but closer to Matamoros.

Gunmen in a Chevrolet Tahoe pulled up to the Tamaulipas State Police patrol pickup and opened fire.

A female officer in the vehicle was wounded and was assisted to by her teammates as they called for backup.

Authorities from Reynosa, Rio Bravo, and Matamoros raced to assist their colleagues and track down the assailants.

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