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U.S. Treasury Dept sanctions famous Mexican concert promoter Chucho Perez as a designated cartel money launderer

April 7, 2018  |  Posted by: Michael Falzarano
U.S. Treasury Dept sanctions famous Mexican concert promoter Chucho Perez as a designated cartel money launderer

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The U.S. Treasury Department has sanctioned pre-eminent Mexican concert promoter, Jesus Perez Alvear, also known as Chucho Perez on  Friday as an alleged money launderer for the hyper-violent Jalisco New Generation Cartel or CJNG, led by infamous Mexican drug lord Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes aka “El Mencho.”

During an announcement Friday, the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control OFAC designated Perez Alvear, to the foreign narcotics kingpins list.

“The Treasury Department is identifying individuals who work on behalf of violent Mexican drug lords, and support their opulent lifestyles by trafficking in lethal drugs to the United States,” said Sigal Mandelker, Deputy Secretary of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, said on Friday.

The designation freezes all assets under U.S. jurisdiction and prohibits American citizens from conducting business with “Chucho” Perez.

Perez Alvear has promoted major concert events in Mexico and has represented some of the biggest Banda and Norteno artists best known for singing narcocorrido ballads, venerating the lives of criminal drug traffickers, which  “some of these acts have known ties to drug cartels.”

Officials said the sanctioning of Perez Alvear offers insight on how purported drug traffickers use regional concerts in Mexico because ticket purchases are difficult to document.

According to the statement, Chucho Perez laundered illicit drug proceeds for the CJNG “by comingling them with legitimate revenues generated from the sale of tickets, refreshments, parking, and other earnings.”

“Chucho Perez uses violence to obtain concessions to operate these concerts under the name of his music promotion business,” Mandelker said.

Treasury officials further alleged that Chucho Perez has personal ties to Los Cuinis, a financial arm of the Jalisco cartel and has promoted events for singers Gerardo Ortiz and Julión Álvarez who have both been linked to Mexican drug trafficking organizations.

“Our appointment of Jesús Pérez Alvear exposes his role in helping the CJNG and Los Cuinis exploit the Mexican music industry to launder drug profits and glorify their criminal activities,” Mandelker added.

Álvarez was previously sanctioned by the U.S. government back in August 2017 along with Mexican soccer legend Rafael Marquez as designated money launderers for the New Generation Cartel.

Additionally, the OFAC also placed Venezuelan-Italian fashion photographer Miguel Jose Leone Martinez also known as Miguel Leone on the Kingpin’s list for his links to Los Cuinis, the Washington Post reported.

Leone Martinez is alleged to have recruited models and beauty pageant contestants from Europe and South America as escorts for top cartel operatives, according to Proceso.

“We are pointing out fashion photographer Miguel José Leone who runs an international prostitution network and who recruits models and participants in beauty contests from South America and Europe for prostitution for the main members of Los Cuinis,” said Sigal Mandelker.

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