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Mexican authorities: Murder suspects lured young pregnant victim on Facebook in sick plot to steal her unborn child

April 13, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican authorities: Murder suspects lured young pregnant victim on Facebook in sick plot to steal her unborn child

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A college student was reportedly murdered by a woman who used Facebook to entice her into a twisted plot to steal her unborn baby in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

A woman identified only as Cinthya “N” messaged 20-year-old Jessica Gabriela Hernandez, who was an engineering student at the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas, on Facebook.

The purported killer said she wanted to assist the mother-to-be by giving her clothes for the child, Excelsior reported.

A judge ordered that the couple identified as Cinthya “N” and Omar Enrique “N” be taken into custody on charges of murder.

The alleged motive was that Cinthya had suffered a miscarriage that she had attempted to hide from her husband and wanted to replace the baby.

Jessica Gabriela Hernández and her unborn baby were murdered by the couple in a case that has shocked the Mexican nation.

Although the couple both remain in custody, law enforcement officials continue their investigation to collect more evidence to present at their the upcoming trial.

After Cinthya contacted the victim, she left her home in March to meet with the so-called benefactor.

According to authorities, Cinthya strangled Hernandez to death and then ripped the child from her womb.

The woman reportedly then went to an emergency room demanding care for the baby. By that time, the child had already died.

Cynthia “N”, along with her husband Omar “N”, in one of the photos she uploaded to her Facebook simulating a pregnancy

The couple went to great lengths to conceal their elaborate plot, even uploading images to the female suspect’s Facebook page simulating a phony pregnancy.

Soon after, the victim’s relatives reported to police that the student was missing.

Officials managed to link both the report of the suspicious incident at the hospital with the missing person’s report and focused on Cinthya as a murder suspect by searching her residence.

Authorities discovered the decomposing remains of the victim under a bed on the second floor of the couple’s home. Forensic tests indicated that the young student had a large wound on the lower midsection from which the baby was taken.

Officials also apprehended Cinthya’s husband on suspicion that he knew of the murder after it happened and assisted his wife with covering it up. Authorities added that the victim was one of several pregnant females contacted by the couple on Facebook.

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