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Incestuous father, daughter and child found dead in murder suicide

April 13, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Incestuous father, daughter and child found dead in murder suicide

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Steven Pladl, the Incestuous father accused of impregnating his daughter at the center of a quadruple murder-suicide

Connecticut authorities say Steven Pladl, the man accused of marrying and fathering a child with his biological daughter killed her, the child, and the woman’s adoptive father before shooting himself in his vehicle, officials revealed on Thursday.

Pladl was discovered dead in his car in Dover, New York, several miles from the murder scene in New Milford, Connecticut.

Katie and her stepfather were discovered dead in a separate vehicle.

Authorities reportedly responded to reports of shots fired just before 9 a.m. when they located the two victims in a truck, New Milford Police Lieutenant Lawrence Ash told FOX 61. A window in the car had been shot out, officials said.

Police started searching for Pladl’s Honda before they located him dead in Dover.

Pladl reportedly killed 7-month-old Bennett Pladl inside a North Carolina residence.

Steven Pladl reportedly killed his biological daughter Katie (pictured left), her adoptive father and their infant born of incest in what police say was a murder-suicide

The infant was found inside the home Thursday, but authorities have not revealed where the body was discovered or the cause of death.

The couple resided in the house before police learned of their incestuous relationship.

“My understanding is that when Katie Pladl and Steven Pladl were arrested, my client’s mother moved into that house to take care of their son,” Rick A. Friedman II, Steven’s attorney, said to CBS 6.

Friedman added that there wasn’t a suspicion that the child was in danger. “If any judge, prosecutor, or defense attorney involved in these cases believed that the child would be in harm’s way, there would not have been bond,” he stated.

The 42-year-old man, from Knightdale, N.C., and 20-year-old Katie were arrested in January and were charged with adultery and contributing to delinquency. The arrests took place after the couple got married. The child was born in September.

After their arrest, the father was released on a $1 million bond, but his daughter stayed in custody at the Wake County Detention Center until February, when she posted a $12,000 bond.

According to her release conditions, she was forbidden from contacting Steven and was required to live in New York with her adoptive parents.

Pladl and his wife, Alyssa, gave up Katie for adoption as a baby in the 1990s but they all reconnected in 2016 after Katie found her biological parents on social media.

Pladl and Alyssa finalized their divorce last year.

“There are no words to describe the betrayal and disgust I’m feeling,” Alyssa said to the Daily Mail in February. “I waited 18 years to have a relationship with my daughter — and now he’s destroyed it.”

The exact motivation for the murder is still under investigation.

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