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Oscar De La Hoya was targeted in $2M extortion plot by two ‘Instagram models’

April 13, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Oscar De La Hoya was targeted in $2M extortion plot by two ‘Instagram models’

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A “shocking” sex video starring boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya is at the core of a $2million extortion plot currently being reviewed by the FBI.

Multiple reports indicate that De La Hoya was targeted by two females who acted as Instagram models to gain access to the boxer. Law enforcement sources revealed that the women, in their late teens or early 20s, met De La Hoya on a dating site in February and started communicating with the retired former boxing chasmpion on Snapchat.

The multi-millionaire chairman of Golden Boy Promotions then invited the women to come over to his luxury condo in Pasadena, California, according to the Daily Mail.

The condo, which De La Hoya purchased last year for $2.65 million, consists 4,150 square feet of opulent interior space, three bedrooms, a patio, and a wine cellar.

Once the woman arrived, they reportedly partied with the boxer before recording him in “embarrassing” sexual situations. De La Hoya was apparently drunk during that time but knew that he was being taped.

Weeks later, the women called De La Hoya and demanded $2million or the tape would be released. The former boxer reportedly refused to pay or negotiate, so the two women approached celebrity sex tape broker Kevin Blatt with the footage.

Oscar De La Hoya was the subject of a photo scandal when snaps showing the champ clad in fishnets, panties and high heels were splashed online

The content of the tape includes a naked De La Hoya being an exhibitionist in front of two women, a blonde and a brunette, while in one scene the women are performing sex acts on him with utensils.

After he realized that the suspects were trying to extort De La Hoya, Blatt said he declined their offer. As a last attempt, the women also approached De La Hoya’s ex-wife, Shanna Moakler.

The 43-year-old was told that the recording would embarrass her and Atiana, her and De La Hoya’s 19-year-old daughter. Once again the women demanded $2million from her.

Moakler immediately called De La Hoya, and they both called the police to inform them of the extortion plot. the case has now been transferred to the FBI.

An FBI spokesperson told the Daily Mail: “We cannot confirm or deny the existence of an investigation.” However, Blatt said: “Yes two women tried to extort De La Hoya. I was contacted by someone claiming to be an Instagram model, and she put me in touch with another girl. I met the girl in Hollywood, she was young and skittish, she wore a hoodie and glasses and tried very hard to disguise herself, she gave me a fake name of Jessica.”

“Jessica showed me over an hour of a sex tape that showed Oscar De La Hoya. She said she and her friend had already approached Oscar and demanded $2million. I’ve seen a lot of videos in my time, and this one was incredibly embarrassing. It was clear Oscar had been set up. The girls took a picture of his driver’s license to prove it was him; they knew what they were doing as if they had done this before. In my mind, it was extortion, and I cut ties immediately.”

Blatt said he has contacted De La Hoya’s rep and is aware that the FBI is investigating, adding he’d be willing to help in any probe.

A source close to Moakler, who asked not to remain anonymous, told the Daily Mail that the former model turned reality star was questioned by FBI agents for two hours on Monday. The source added that this has caused much distress to her and De La Hoya.

“It was intimidating, they wanted $2million, or they would release the tape,” the source added. “Shanna stood firm and called their bluff, “go ahead release it, I don’t care. Then she called Oscar, and they decided to go to the authorities.”

De La Hoya is no stranger to controversy. In 2007, he was at the center of a picture scandal when photos showing the boxer in fishnets, panties and high heels were published on the internet.

Serbian stripper Milana Dravnel leaked the pictures and alleged that De La Hoya had cheated on his wife with her.

At the time De La Hoya’s camp insisted that it wasn’t him in the pictures and that the stripper was looking to make money. His reps even hired their own “photo expert,” who determined that the photos were computer-generated.

Dravnel, who leaked the photos, filed a $100million suit against De La Hoya maintaining that he went on a smear campaign against her to stop the images from emerging.

The case was settled, and in 2011 De La Hoya gave an interview, in which he confessed that it was him in the pictures.

“Let me tell you, it was me,” he told the Spanish network Univision. During the interview the troubled sportsman also exposed his long struggle with drugs and alcohol.

In 2011, De La Hoya was hit with another suit in which it was alleged that he threw a depraved, cross-dressing, drug-driven party at a Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York.

Model Angelica Marie Cecora, who was 25-years-old at the time, said the retired boxer pranced around in women’s underwear and went crazy with cocaine and sex toys, scaring her and her friend when they attempted to leave. Ultimately, a judge dropped the $5 million suit and required that Cecora pay De La Hoya’s legal fees.

The judge also ordered that she and her attorney pay a $500 fine each for the “frivolous” lawsuit and noted that the accusations carried no merit.

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