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U.S. authorities accuses Mexican lawyer of California-Illinois drug trafficking and money laundering ring

April 13, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
U.S. authorities accuses Mexican lawyer of California-Illinois drug trafficking and money laundering ring

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An attorney from the Mexican border state of Nuevo León faces multiple charges related drug trafficking and money laundering in connection with a large-scale cocaine distribution enterprise that spanned from Central America and Mexico into Texas and ultimately various parts of California and Illinois.

Working out of the industrial city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Jacobo Isaac “Voltaren” Rodriguez Obregon assumed a vital position in the large-scale trafficking of cocaine shipments from Nicaragua and Costa Rica into Mexico and then onto multiple cities in the United States, including Illinois, California, and Texas.

U.S. officials apprehended Rodriguez in Chicago, based on a criminal indictment from California that outlines dozens of purported members of the criminal organization. Rodriguez will be extradited to California to face trial, according to Breibart Texas.

In 2007, police in Nuevo Leon arrested Rodriguez and issued multiple fines after he was driving drunk in an armored Jeep.

At the time of his arrest, Rodriguez attempted to flee, prompting a high-speed chase that concluded when he crashed his vehicle into a municipal police car in San Pedro.

That same year, Rodriguez was also arrested in Monterrey when he and a lawyer named Javier Garza Cortez and two former officers were in an armored SUV that was seen fleeing from a legal office in the Cumbres area that had just been attacked by an armed commando. Rodriguez was released soon after when one of the former police officers told law enforcement officials that he was the one armed and had attempted to fight off the attack.

Authorities never indicated if the two lawyers were the targets of the attack. Rodriguez and the other attorney were partners of a law firm that was owned by Manuel Ali Jezzini Martinez, the former director of the Nuevo León Attorney General’s Office turned criminal defense lawyer.

At the time, the group’s job was to guard the late Jose Luis “El Tubi” Carrizalez Coronado and Francisco Carlos “El Capi” Esquivel Maldonado, two regional leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel apprehended in Monterrey.

El Tubi was eventually murdered by his rivals inside a prison in Nuevo Laredo. After he was arrested, the late Jose Luis “El Tubi” Carrizalez placed hits on attorneys, police officers, corrections officers, and a judge in Nuevo León.


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