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Gunbattle erupts following attempted Gulf cartel kidnapping in Mexican border state of Nuevo León

April 15, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Gunbattle erupts following attempted Gulf cartel kidnapping in Mexican border state of Nuevo León

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An attempted kidnapping committed by a crew of approximately 15 Gulf cartel hitmen led to a fierce firefight with authorities in one of the primary municipalities of Nuevo León.

People at various restaurants near a shopping center in Guadalupe experience several minutes of horror when a group of Gulf Cartel (CDG) gunmen opened fire with various high-powered firearms against police forces to flee after a failed kidnapping.

Guadalupe is a middle-class suburb that comprises an important part of the industrial boom in Nuevo León.

Breitbart Texas reported that an ongoing federal probe warned investigators about the deployment of a group of hitmen working under the orders of “La Yegua,” a regional leader of the CDG in Tamaulipas. The group was dispatched to Nuevo Leon to kidnap a businessperson with a dubious reputation. At the time of the attempted kidnapping, the businessman was at a restaurant called Los Generales.

The gunmen placed themselves at various points around the restaurant to provide surveillance and protection to the men that would execute the kidnapping.

The violent confrontation ensued when the hitmen noticed a convoy of federal authorities approaching the area.

The intensity of the gunbattle required the federal officials to call for backup from their state counterparts, Breitbart Texas reported.

Officials arrested a woman and 13 gunmen from Tamaulipas and Jalisco and seized multiple vehicles, along with three AK-47s.

The case was transferred to the organized crime unit (SEIDO) of Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office in Mexico City.

The victim of the attempted kidnapping was only described as a businessman who is known to be involved in local drug trafficking and is believed to live in the western part of Monterrey. Authorities did not indicate whether the victim was apprehended or if he fled the scene.

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