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Terrifying moment ex-boyfriend fatally shoots 27-year-old Louisiana woman on Facebook Live

April 16, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Terrifying moment ex-boyfriend fatally shoots 27-year-old Louisiana woman on Facebook Live

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A woman was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend after he streamed her final moments on Facebook in a desperate appeal to friends and family.

On Thursday, 27-year-old Rannita Williams streamed a Facebook Live video at 11 am during a dispute with her ex-boyfriend, Johnathan Robinson.

The shooting took place at Williams’ residence in Shreveport, Louisiana, where the 36-year-old man was recorded the woman forcing her to apologize for something. It is not clear why she had to apologize.

Williams, who goes by the nickname “Nunu,” spoke to the camera as Robinson walked behind her and threatened her.

Robinson then fired six shocks in a horrific moment recorded in the video which shows Williams falling to the ground, according to the Daily Mail.

Robinson is heard saying in the video” “B**** wanna be famous?”

Williams answered no as her ex-boyfriend continued to threaten her during the video.

Williams looks terrified on the video as she addresses with her family and friends during her last moments. The video ends with viewers seeing the shadow of a firearm after the woman is shot dead.

Johnathan Robinson, 36, fatally shot his ex-girlfriend dead last Thursday.

He was heard mumbling ‘Everybody wanna be famous, let’s be famous” in the video.

Authorities said that Robinson was holding the victim hostage in her own house before he took a shotgun and killed her.

The frightened woman is heard shouting “Stop Johnathan” as he began shooting, and the phone fell to the ground.

At the end of the footage, a shadow of the shotgun is seen on camera as Robinson stands over the woman.

He then said: “Now b****, game over. Game over b****.”

Rannita Williams, 27, was shot six times by her ex after she was held hostage in her home Shreveport, Louisiana

Williams was raced to the hospital, but she succumbed to her injuries.

Her family indicated that she previously dated the man off and on for years, but the couple reportedly broke up for good roughly two years ago.

Nearly 40 law enforcement officials raced to the scene after the shots were fired inside the home. When they arrived, officers exchanged shots with Robinson for almost 90 minutes before they could apprehend him.

One officer suffered from a gunshot wound to the wrist, but everyone else remained uninjured.

Robinson was charged with second-degree murder and possessing a firearm.

He reportedly was arrested in 2015 after he beat his girlfriend.

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