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Six sentenced for their roles in drug trafficking enterprise in Texas federal court

April 18, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Six sentenced for their roles in drug trafficking enterprise in Texas federal court

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Federal prosecutors say a 29-year-old man from Lubbock, Texas and six others were sentenced to 30 years in a federal lockup for their role in managing a drug trafficking enterprise.

U.S. Senior District Judge Sam Cummings sentenced Alejandro Garcia-Izazaga to 365-months behind bars. Five of his co-conspirators were also sentenced for their participation in the drug trafficking enterprise.

Ivan Cruz-Martinez, 37, and 49-year-old Anthony Wayne Reiley were each sentenced to 235-months behind bars; 45-year-old Zacarias Blanco-Olea was sentenced to 210 months; Ernesto Martinez Jr. was sentenced to 108 months and Patricia Ann Hernandez-Salas, 48, was hit with an 87-month sentence.

Garcia-Izazaga, Reiley, Cruz-Martinez, and Blanco-Olea each entered guilty pleas in December to one count of possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of meth.

Martinez and Hernandez-Salas pleaded guilty to one count of possessing with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of meth, The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal reported.

Another defendant, Amanda Marney, 28, is scheduled to be sentenced this week.

DEA agents launched an investigation into the group in 2017 after a confidential source purchased an ounce of meth for $650 from Martinez, according to court records.

Left to right: Alejandro Garcia-Izazaga, Anthony Wayne Reiley and Patricia Hernandez-Salas from Lubbock Co. Detention Center

In March 2017, agents discovered Garcia-Izazaga was organizing the delivery of meth into Lubbock and secured a warrant to tap his phone.

In June of that year, agents heard a conversation between Garcia-Izazaga and Hernandez-Salas revealed she had cash for him and wanted meth. Garcia-Izazaga reportedly prepared for another individual to provide her with the drugs.

Hernandez-Salas was taken into custody by a Lubbock County Sheriff’s deputy for unrelated warrants just after the drug deal. Agents discovered an ounce of meth in her vehicle’s center console during a search of her car. Hernandez-Salas confessed she planned to sell the drugs.

On June 22nd, agents heard Garcia-Izazaga hire Cruz-Martinez to bring meth from Houston to Lubbock. A Texas Department of Public Safety officer pulled over Cruz-Martinez for speeding in Hamlin County and seized roughly 1.8 kilos of meth in his car after providing consent to search the vehicle.

On July 5th, a trooper pulled over Blanco-Olea for multiple traffic violations and discovered about 1.8 kilos of meth in his vehicle.

Court records indicate that agents overheard Garcia-Izazaga hire Blanco-Olea to deliver the drugs from Dallas to Lubbock earlier that day. Agents reportedly saw Garcia-Izazaga drive to Dallas where he met with his supplier to pick up the drugs, which he gave to Blanco-Olea for delivery.

The following day, Garcia-Izazaga hired Rieley to take him to Austin to pick up more drugs. Agents tracked the two, who traveled in Garcia-Izazaga’s Chevrolet pickup truck to a residence in Austin where they picked up the drugs.

A Lubbock County Sheriff’s deputy pulled them over in Slaton for speeding. A drug-sniffing K9 signaled to the truck’s tailgate, where he recovered about 2.8 kilos of meth.

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