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Border Patrol: Mexican man busted using horses to smuggle drugs into U.S.

April 22, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Border Patrol: Mexican man busted using horses to smuggle drugs into U.S.

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A Mexican national was apprehended for smuggling bags of different types of illegal drugs on horses after Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents arrived to assist a local police department.

An officer with the Tohono O’odham Police Department came upon a man directing two horses near the village of Santa Rosa, Arizona. The horses were moving large burlap sacks.

As the officer neared the man, he bolted to avoid arrest, officials stated. The officer called Border Patrol for help in locating the man.

The officer searched the burlap bags and found 262 pounds of marijuana that were being transported by the horses. The officer also discovered an additional six pounds of meth stored in the bags. Officials reported that the drugs are worth over $123,000.

Border Patrol agents searched for the suspected smuggler who managed to escape from the police officer. The agents ultimately discovered him hiding in the vicinity of the original encounter, according to local reports.

Border Patrol agents arrested the man for drug smuggling and learned that he is a 25-year-old Mexican citizen.

Authorities turned the drugs and the suspect over to Homeland Security Investigations.

“The Tucson Sector has seen smuggling organizations utilize horses throughout the years. Although not often, it is not uncommon,” Tucson Sector spokesperson, Border Patrol Agent Stephanie Dixon told Breitbart Texas.

“[The] horses go through [a] quarantine phase with the United States Department of Agriculture, if we cannot utilize the horse, the USDA has their procedure for finding them a new home,” Dixon added. “If the horses are fit for work, Border Patrol will utilize them on our Horse Patrol units.”

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