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Authorities: Teen murder suspect led search for friend he allegedly killed

April 22, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Authorities: Teen murder suspect led search for friend he allegedly killed Jeremy Sanchez (above)

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Authorities: Teen murder suspect led the search for his friend Jeremy Sanchez who he allegedly killed

Authorities in Los Angeles revealed that a teenage murder suspect helped look for a missing friend and claimed to have discovered his body before he was apprehended.

Jeremy Sanchez, 17, was reportedly stabbed to death by his 16-year-old friend who, along with another individual, contacted police on Wednesday about the body that was recovered in a riverbed near South El Monte.

Because the suspect is a juvenile, his identity has not been released.

“The person who killed him said ‘look there here is,’” sheriff’s homicide Lieutenant John Corina told KTLA.

On Wednesday, Sanchez, a rising athlete, was reported missing after he failed to show up to school at South El Monte High.

The teen was discovered stabbed to death roughly 13 miles from downtown Los Angeles and seemed to have been killed at the scene.

Law enforcement officials received a tip Thursday that the 16-year-old suspect could be tied to the murder. The longtime friend was also involved in the search party gathered by the victim’s father.

“This person kills his friend and acts like, ‘Oh, I’ll go and try to find him,’” Corina added. “It is like he was trying to throw everyone off.”

A search warrant was secured on Thursday for the suspect’s residence where “very helpful” evidence was collected.

The 16-year-old was then arrested and booked at Los Padrinos Juvenile Detention Center on murder charges.

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