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MS-13 ordered gang members to ‘take out a cop’ in NY following high profile arrests

April 23, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
MS-13 ordered gang members to ‘take out a cop’ in NY following high profile arrests

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MS-13 has ordered its members to “take out a cop” on Long Island — causing the NYPD to put its personnel on high alert, the New York Post reported.

Authorities are on the hunt for the suspect, a tall, light-skinned Hispanic man with a tattoo of three dots beside his eye, the New York Post reported.

Law enforcement officials in Hempstead, New York — one of the Long Island areas where the violent gang has an increasing presence— were tipped off to the threat Wednesday by a “credible” informant.

The threats surfaced as MS-13’s Northeast leader, Miguel Angel Corea Diaz, known as “Reaper,” was taken into custody Thursday and charged with directing murders and trafficking loads of heroin into the Tri-State area.

Officials said the unidentified MS-13 member told the informant the gang needed to make a “statement” and specifically wanted to murder a police officer in the Hempstead area.

“The police have been making too many arrests, and it’s time to take the streets back and take out a cop as we do in El Salvador,” the suspect reportedly stated.

According to the informant, any MS-13 member is allowed to carry out the attack.

A police source indicated that officers were already cautious of MS-13,.

“Everybody watches themselves. Everybody’s on alert regardless, especially where there’s a high presence of MS-13,” the source stated.

Another source indicated that the threat should be heeded by all officers — not only those on Long Island.

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