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Vacationers find a bullet-riddled body on Acapulco beach as cartel violence in Mexican resort city rages

April 23, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Vacationers find a bullet-riddled body on Acapulco beach as cartel violence in Mexican resort city rages

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Vacationers in the Mexican resort city of Acapulco were horrified after finding the body of a man floating ashore on what was once a family-friendly vacation destination.

The bullet-riddled body was discovered on a beach in Acapulco, in the Mexican state of Guerrero, on Sunday, Univision reported.

The incident occurred just over a week after 14 individuals were killed in 36 hours in Cancun, another Mexican tourist destination troubled by cartel violence.

Guerrero, home to multiple popular travel destinations, is also one of the poorest states and one of the ones that have been most affected by the impact of drug cartel-related violence taking over Mexico.

In 2017 alone, Guerrero recorded 25,000 homicides- which equals over 68 per day.

In early April, 16 people were killed in 36 hours in Cancun, further exemplifying that Mexico’s cartel violence is taking over popular tourist resorts.

On April 4th, nine people were murdered and one person was shot, and the next day, another five were executed in separate incidents in the city.

The violence is the worst the city has seen since 2004 and took place as thousands of tourists partied in the town’s famous hotels, bars, and clubs for Spring Break.

The office of Civil Protection reported that 112,000 tourists went to Cancun for Spring Break.

On April 11, in a separate incident, a woman’s body was discovered in the street with a narco message on it.

She was shot multiple times in the face. Since the beginning of the year, over 100 people have been shot in the infamous party city.

The closest murders last week occurred roughly eight miles from the hotel zone often frequented by tourists.

16 people were reportedly killed during a 36 hour period in Guerrero

“It’s not nice to walk and find someone’s head. It’s sad to know that your friends have been executed. Medics, taxi drivers, doctors, business people – no social class is exempt,” Laura Cabellero, a businesswoman from Acapulco, stated.

Acapulco is on the other side of Mexico where cartel violence is mostly contained. However, over the past year, the number of homicides in Cancun have doubled.

It has been severe enough to provoke warnings from the British foreign office about traveling to the dangerous country.

In March, the U.S. State Department released a warning about the tourist hotspot Playa Del Carmen which resides between Cancun and the celebrity-magnet area of Tulum.

The advisory was directed towards ferries traveling from Playa Del Carmen and the snorkeling-hub Cozumel after a boat was blown up mid-journey.

Police later recovered explosives on another boat.

The advisory was then lifted, and there are no warnings regarding Cancun or the recent gun violence.

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