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Stripper claims disgraced Florida politician kept her as a ‘sex slave’

April 24, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Stripper claims disgraced Florida politician kept her as a ‘sex slave’

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An exotic dancer claims disgraced Florida politician Nick Nicholson who was charged earlier this week with prostitution-related offenses kept her as a “sex slave.”

Exotic dancer Valerie Surette maintained that Hernando County Commissioner, 71-year-old Nick Nicholson, “begged” her to “move in and have sex with him” last year and offered her “large sums of money,” in return.

“Whatever he wanted, I had to do,” the 30-year-old woman claimed. Surrette is one of two women identified in charging documents when Nicholson was busted Thursday.

Roughly six months ago, Surette said she agreed to the alleged arrangement — which also included her husband, Kendel Surette, 33, living in the home.

The GOPer and the dancer had a schedule: Nicholson gave the pair $100 to have sex with Surrette on Tuesdays and $200.

But things got increasingly concerning, she claimed that the man forced her to participate in uncomfortable or painful sex acts that weren’t part of the arrangement.

Hernando County Commissioner Nick Nicholson

“If I didn’t kiss or touch him or sit on his lap, he would get angry,” she stated. “I worked at a strip club, but that’s different. Here, I was a sex slave.”

Nicholson told police called to his residence in February after the Surrette’s got into a nasty fight, he was not having sex with Valerie.

He told officers at the time she “keeps me company.”

“I’m a nice guy, so they took advantage of me,” he continued.

After Surette’s husband told police about the purposed arrangement in February, they launched a two-month investigation and busted Nicholson this week for one count of owning a home for prostitution and two counts of engaging in prostitution. He posted $3,000 bail on Thursday.

An order for protection against sexual violence, filed by Surette’s lawyer, Robert Morris, was issued this week, prohibiting Nicholson from returning to his own home.

Surette said she and her husband will stay at the politician’s house until they find a new place to live.

However, neighbors on Nicholson’s block want the couple out.

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