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Mexican rapper “QBA” admits to dissolving students’ bodies in acid at the command of drug cartel

April 27, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican rapper “QBA” admits to dissolving students’ bodies in acid at the command of drug cartel

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Mexican rapper QBA admits to dissolving students’ bodies in acid for drug cartel

Mexican rapper and YouTube star “QBA” admitted to dissolving the bodies of three missing film students in acid — at the command of a nefarious drug cartel.

Authorities arrested “QBA,” whose real name Christian Omar Palma Gutierrez earlier this week for the slayings of 25-year-old Salomon Aceves Gastelum, 20-year-old Daniel Diaz, and 20-year-old Marco Avalos, in the Mexican State of Jalisco last month.

Officials said he admitted to state prosecutors that he disposed of the bodies after the three victims were abducted, tortured and killed, according to the French-based AFP News Agency.

“QBA”  confessed that a friend recruited him three months ago to work for the Jalisco New Generation cartel and that he was paid 3,000 pesos — almost $159 — a week.

The 24-year-old rapper who has hundreds of thousands of fans on social media has admitted his involvement in a series of cartel-connected murders

“He has participated in three previous murders,” chief investigator Lizette Torres said.

Gutierrez’s photos of poor neighborhoods, drugs, and firearms. Others feature the rapper and his friends boasting their luxury vehicles and motorcycles.

Torres said officials are looking into the videos for additional clues into the murders.

The three victims had been filming a school project at a former hangout for Nueva Plaza gang members in Jalisco when they were kidnapped in March.

Although the residence belonged to one of the students’ aunts, gunmen with the Jalisco New Generation cartel were surveilling the house after a Nueva Plaza leader was freed from prison.

The victims: (pictured left to right:)Javier Salomón Aceves Gastélum, Daniel Díaz and Marco Ávalos

However, they mistook the students for rival gang members — with whom they had been fighting with over drug turf — and kidnapped them on a road near the residence while dressed as police officers.

The cartel members questioned the students at a stash house and beat one of them so severely, he died — leading them to kill the other two.

They then brought them to another home and deposited their bodies in sulfuric acid to get rid of the evidence.

Gutierrez, along with another suspect who has also been apprehended, will be charged with aggravated kidnapping. Five additional suspects remain on the lam.

Last year, Mexico endured its highest annual murder rate since modern records began — with 25,000 homicides reported.

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