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Court: Former Scores stripper allowed to keep six-figure inheritance from deceased HBO executive

April 28, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Court: Former Scores stripper allowed to keep six-figure inheritance from deceased HBO executive Photo: Twitter

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A former stripper secured a six-figure inheritance from an HBO executive she’d met only months before he died — beating back a legal challenge from his relatives.

According to the New York Post, 34-year-old Veronica Beckham said she became “friends” with the HBO’s obese IT director, Micky Liu after the two met at Scores strip club in Atlantic City in 2014.

Less than a year later the 50-year-old was discovered dead in his New York City apartment.

Her “everlasting friendship” with the diabetic, heart-diseased, chronic alcoholic is why Beckham claims, he identified her as the beneficiary of his retirement accounts and a life insurance policy worth $223,000.

Micky’s sister, May, however, argued in court documents that “as an exotic dancer, “Beckham was adept at using coercion and manipulation upon men.”

The woman “preyed upon Liu’s vulnerability by exerting influence over him in the form of moral coercion,” May Liu stated in her Manhattan Surrogate’s Court lawsuit.

He signed the transfers between October 2014 and January 2015. By then, it seemed that Beckham and Liu were no longer in contact.

“I miss you,” he said to her in an email written on January 20, 2015. “Why is it taking you so long to get your phone replaced? Money? Need some? I’m not used to not being able to contact you.”

Despite the sister’s allegations, Beckham maintained in a deposition that the two were never involved sexually: “We had an everlasting friendship.’’

Justice Rita Mella indicated there was nothing she could do because only previous beneficiaries — in this case, the exec’s former partner— could sue for the money.

Beckham rejected the accusation that she was a gold digger.

“None of the stuff about me enticing him into naming me as a beneficiary is true. I was hurt by the lurid and untrue allegations,” Beckham stated, who has since refashioned herself into a Miami-based stylist for clients such as Flo Rida.

May Liu is not giving up yet. “We’re reviewing the decision,” her attorney, Stephen Holihan, said.

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