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Son of granny killer dubbed ‘Losing Streak Lois’ blames gambling addiction for her actions

May 7, 2018  |  Posted by: Michael Falzarano
Son of granny killer dubbed ‘Losing Streak Lois’ blames gambling addiction for her actions

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The son of Lois Riess, the Minnesota woman dubbed “Losing Streak Lois” accused of killing her husband and another woman to steal her identity said blamed his mother’s actions on her degenerate gambling habit.

Braden Riess, the youngest son of Lois Reiss, expressed his disbelief for the first time since his mother’s apprehension last month at a Texas restaurant, telling Inside Edition: “She literally snapped. My whole family is in shock. Nobody ever suspected anything like this. Nobody ever suspected anything like this. It has devastated our family.”

Authorities extradited Lois Reiss to Florida where she is charged with the second-degree murder of Pamela Hutchinson.

Murder charges are also pending in Minnesota where she is accused in the March 23rd murder of her husband David Reiss at their Minnesota home.

After killing her husband, Reiss went on the lam, traveling to Florida where she killed Hutchinson to steal her identity.

Braden said that he never imagined his mother could kill his father and described Lois Riess as a “good lady, who always cared and always put herself second and us kids first.”

“I’m shocked. I’m still shocked. It’s like a bad movie. I feel like I’m going to wake up, and it’s going to be back to normal, but it’s not,” Riess said regarding the alleged slayings.

He also suggested his mother’s gambling addiction may have caused her mental breakdown.

Riess’ reported gambling dependence earned her the nickname “Losing Streak Lois” according to Fox News.

Authorities said at the time of her husband’s murder, the 56-year-old grandmother woman accrued over a $100,000 in gambling debt.

Investigators said Riess also took $11,000 from one of her husband’s bank accounts.

Braden lamented his mother’s addiction and said it’s not known how much money Lois Reiss may have gambled away in one night but did reveal that Lois Riess had squandered his $500,000 inheritance on her addition.

“Gambling is a terrible thing that can suck people in, destroy lives. She had her own demons, you know, lately. Something happened in her brain that made her snap.”

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