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Dozens of suspected Florida drug traffickers arrested in ‘Operation Spring Cleaning’

May 8, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Dozens of suspected Florida drug traffickers arrested in ‘Operation Spring Cleaning’

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There are fewer suspected drug traffickers on the streets of Florida after authorities carried out “Operation Spring Cleaning.”

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office revealed Operation Spring Cleaning, a strategic effort headed by the sheriff’s office along with 34 counties in the state, focused on the investigation and apprehension of those believed to be producing, delivering or trafficking drugs.

Police arrested a total of 80 suspects, including 77 alleged drug traffickers in Sarasota County.

Additionally, 18 pounds of controlled substances and four firearms were seized by investigators, WFLA reported.

“Initiatives are crucial to maintaining the high quality of life we enjoy here,” Sheriff Tom Knight said in a press release. “Infiltrating the networks to destroy the sale and distribution of opioids remains a priority for the sheriff’s office. We will continue to pursue and investigate these crimes until dealers understand their business is not welcome in Sarasota.”

Manatee County, which also took part in the bust, indicated that 73 arrests took place for trafficking or distribution of drugs between October and April. Officials also confiscated 48 firearms and over 200 pounds of drugs.

Across Florida, there were a total of 4,988 individuals arrested for trafficking, sale, and delivery of controlled substances along with hundreds of whom were previously being pursued on other outstanding warrants. Close to 12.5 million grams of drugs and over 1,600 firearms were also seized.

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