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Cartel violence spreads in once peaceful Mexican border state municipalities

May 17, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Cartel violence spreads in once peaceful Mexican border state municipalities

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Massacres, clandestine incinerations, bloody murders and narco-messages are all becoming standard of the raging cartel violence engulfing the border cities in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

The increase in cartel violence is linked to rival Gulf Cartel cells expanding terror throughout the region as they battle for control of lucrative drug trafficking routes into the United States.

The growing surge of violence also produced a spike of abductions and armed robberies. The war for Reynosa is now exceeding one year of violence.

The bloodshed has already resulted in over 470 slayings in a year, but in recent days it heightened, even more, when rival factions renewed their attacks.

Assaults and murders are spreading to the municipalities of Valle Hermoso, Matamoros, and San Fernando.

The groups fighting for control are the Matamoros-based “Escorpiones” and “Ciclones,” against “Flako Sierra” from Reynosa, who once went by the name “Metros,” Breitbart Texas reported.

The remains of one of the victims were discovered in the Ribereña neighborhood in recent weeks

One recent incident occurred when an employee of the mayor of San Fernando was abducted by a group of gunmen at a machine shop owned by the mayor.

Soon after, the employees’ burnt remains were discovered in the Ribereña area. Although the San Fernando neighborhood was previously peaceful, violence exploded in recent days, starting with the murder of a CDG leader from Matamoros known as “Commander Comino.”

As a result of the escalating destruction and in the face of possible attacks by the Reynosa cell, the groups from Matamoros gathered their foot soldiers called “Estacas” to Valle Hermoso and Rio Bravo. As soon as the gunmen moved in, a series of abandoned SUVs started to appear throughout the area.

The vehicles were left with its doors open, along with weapons and bloodstains inside. It remains unclear if these trucks were abandoned after clashes or as evidence of the abductions.

Along with the ongoing firefights between rival cartel groups, the struggle moved on to a series of threats on social media and messages left at gory crime scenes.

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