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Juarez Cartel boss and one of the FBI’s most wanted Carlos Arturo Quintana alias “El 80” captured in Mexican border state

May 20, 2018  |  Posted by: Michael Falzarano
Juarez Cartel boss and one of the FBI’s most wanted Carlos Arturo Quintana alias “El 80” captured in Mexican border state

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Mexican authorities announced the capture of Carlos Arturo Quintana alias “El 80,” the top boss of Juarez Cartel considered the “principal generator of violence in the state of Chihuahua” during an operation earlier this week.

Officials said Thursday that Mexican special forces apprehended Quintana without incident in the town of Namiquipa.

Mexico’s Secretary of the Interior Alfonso Navarrete on Twitter called the capo’s arrest “an important blow against a principal crime group that operated in Chihuahua.”

Carlos Arturo Quintana remains on the FBI’s most wanted list for a 2015 federal indictment unsealed in New Mexico.

U.S. Drug Enforcement officials say the indictment was the result of a federal investigation dubbed Operation Virus Maker, which targeted the leadership of the Juárez cartel.

Quintana is the presumed leader of the La Linea criminal organization, which is now referred to as the New Juarez Cartel.

At one-time, the group worked as a paramilitary enforcer wing for imprisoned Mexican drug lord Vicente Carillo Fuentes.

U.S. and Mexican authorities say “El 80’s” crime syndicate is responsible for running a drug trafficking operation in the state of Chihuahua that smuggles large shipments of opium poppy, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana into the United States.

Quintana is also suspected in the murder of Mexican journalist Miroslav Breach, who was executed by gunmen outside her residence in the city of Chihuahua in 2017.

The capture of the drug cartel leader occurs as mounting drug-related violence continues to engulf the border city of Ciudad Juárez and other parts of Chihuahua.

DEA officials say the escalation in violence in the border region is partially the result of a power struggle between La Linea and the Barrio Azteca gang for control of the Juárez cartel, the El Paso Times reports.

An ongoing turf war between the Sinaloa Cartel and the rapidly expanding Jalisco New Generation Cartel has also been the catalyst for the increasing bloodshed in the state.

Although the size of the Juarez Cartel has diminished in recent years, the group still remains a regional power in Chihuahua, West Texas and New Mexico, according to a recent U.S. Drug Enforcement Threat Assessment report.

Following the arrest, Chihuahua Attorney General Cesar Peniche Espejel said that state police were collaborating with the military and federal police to capture those responsible for generating drug violence.

“We are convinced that with these actions, the coordination of the security forces is strengthened,” Peniche said in a statement.

“And it is demonstrated once again that in the state of Chihuahua, those who have provoked unsafe scenarios will not remain unpunished,” Peniche said.

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