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Cops: Texas mom goes on wild drunken rampage after disrupting school play

May 21, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Cops: Texas mom goes on wild drunken rampage after disrupting school play

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Texas Police arrest Christy Ann Churchwell accused of assaulting an officer and flooding city jail

A Texas mother became an unanticipated sideshow at a school performance after she was kicked out for being drunk — and then assaulted an officer before flooding her jail cell.

On Thursday, 35-year-old Christy Ann Churchwell appeared intoxicated as she made a scene at a school play at Friendswood Junior High School, causing others in the crowd to complain that she was disruptive, according to KHOU.

A responding officer then asked Churchwell to come outside to talk, but she needed assistance getting to the back of the auditorium. The officer also instantly smelled alcohol on her.

Once she stepped outside of the auditorium, Churchwell reportedly “balled up her fists” and aggressively charged at the officer. She then arrested for public intoxication. Eight 75-ML bottles of vodka were discovered inside Churchwell’s purse, seven of which were empty.

Churchwell then attacked an officer, kicking and cursing a cop as she was booked into the city’s jail.

The mayhem persisted inside Churchwell’s cell, where authorities said she set off the fire alarm and sprinkler system, which caused her cell and the jail to flood.

Churchwell, who is facing charges of assault of a peace officer, filing a false report, and public intoxication, was released on Friday after she posted $7,500 bond.

According to one of Churchwell’s relatives, Churchwell didn’t drink alcohol at the play.

“[She] is dealing with personal issues and is going to get help,” the relative stated.

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