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Colorado man facing federal charges after allegedly urinating on seat in front of him during flight

May 24, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Colorado man facing federal charges after allegedly urinating on seat in front of him during flight

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Frontier Airlines reported that authorities were notified of a recent issue aboard a flight traveling from Denver to South Carolina in which a passenger reportedly urinated on the passenger’s seat in front of him.

According to a passenger who witnessed the incident on the flight, the man, later named in FBI records as Michael Allen Haag, of Boulder, allegedly urinated on the seat in front of him after he was tossed out of his previous seat for misbehaving.

The passenger told CBS4 that she was sitting across the aisle in the same row as Haag when he took off his seatbelt and peed on the back of the chair.

The woman said Haag was moved to her row after he verbally and physically assaulted two women near his other seat. She also indicated that Haag purportedly touched one sleeping female passenger and later asked another woman about her sexual and marital status.

The passenger added that she was frustrated with the manner in which the airline managed the incident and was disappointed when Frontier flight attendants placed the man in the seat next to her. She said one attendant informed her of his behavior, and told her to monitor him. It was then when the passenger pictured the man urinating on the seat

Feds will be “showering” Michael Allen Haag with charges for urinating on a recent flight 

In a statement to CBS4’s Dillon Thomas, Frontier Airlines spokesperson Richard Oliver said “The safety and security of our passengers is our top priority at Frontier. We have been made aware of the situation and are working with the authorities.”

The woman said the suspect was taken into custody at the gate in Charleston roughly 30 minutes later.

She and two other women filled out statements for police.

The federal complaint revealed that Haag had two double vodka tonics during the flight and one passenger told investigators that he appeared “intoxicated and possibly high.”

The probable cause for his arrest, the FBI stated, is that Haag meddled with the flight crew, intimidated the flight attendant and showed inappropriate behavior, specifically touching and disruptive behavior, along with indecent exposure of his genitalia.

The passenger noted that the airline gave her an old complaint card, which provided disconnected numbers. When she contacted a booking agent, the woman said she was told the airline would refund her baggage fee and would provide her with a $200 voucher.

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